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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Way More Trends Going Green

Ok, so there are obviously way more than 2 wedding trends for 2012, so let's keep going on this topic and take a look at some more.....
Trend #3: Rustic Look
Duh. This clearly lends itself really well to a green wedding. But rustic does not always suggest a hoedown in a barn complete with whole hog BBQ (although sometimes that can be pretty awesome). Rustic can be brought indoors as well with subtle touches in the decor, lighting and ambiance. Doing this in an eco friendly way is quite simple: antiquing! Go out to the country on a weekend and check out yard and estate sales. Oftentimes you can pick up old barn board or the like from a farmer even a furniture refurbishment shop. Adding touches like old house numbers as your table numbers or mason jars for candle holders are easy ways to achieve a rustic look. Go hunting in antique stores or junk stores for things like old coffee cans or glass bottles you can use to create a table centerpiece with, or find something interesting for a photo booth backdrop like an old window frame or doors. 

 Trend #4: Sweet Tables
I admit it...I am a sweetaholic. Anything with sugar, give it to me now! So it is no surprise that I totally dig this wedding trend. Who doesn't love the idea of a candy buffet? A cupcake smorgasbord? A great big table full of chocolate! ( ok breath......)
Anyhoo, back to it....choosing  items for a sweet table is  definitely a lot of fun, and you can make choices that fit within an ethical mindset. Choose a local bakery to make your cupcakes and other desserts,  ask if they source their ingredients locally and/or if they are organic? If you are going to do a candy buffet, use items that are all natural, like old school rock candy sticks and salt water taffy (side note: this would look adorable with a carnival theme). Check at your local farmers market for vendors who make natural treats, and ask how they are packaged; the less packaging the better. You may even be able to get specially created treats just for your wedding if you collaborate with the baker/candy maker. 

As for arrangement, skip buying new apothecary jars and the like and go for items you or your friends already have. Does your baking savvy aunt have a collection of neat cake stands? How about that cool art deco dresser  in the basement that can be used instead of a boring ol' table? Use those old china plates your grandma gave you to display an assortment of cookies and mini cakes! 

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Going Green: sustainable options for some of 2012's best wedding trends

Trend #1: Colorful Accessories:
OK, so most brides wear white on their wedding day. But that doesn't mean there has to be a total lack of color in her wardrobe. This season, bright pops of color have been on trend for accessories, which is tres chic and easily achieved for the discerning eco-bride as well. It's simple: Go Vintage!

 Vintage jewellery is a great way to add character to any outfit in your wedding party. Whether it is cute colorful earrings on a bride, or handheld clutches for bridesmaids instead of flowers, vintage accessories and jewellery are good for you and the earth. It means reusing something old as opposed to buying new, and they can always double as your "something old" as well as your "something blue".

Trend #2: Glamour!
A return to old school glamour has been huge this season, with grandeur and opulence being key themes when it comes to wedding decor and fashion. But just because something is glamorous doesn't mean it can't keep in touch with the earth as well. Having a glamorous green wedding is not an oxymoron, it can be done! Just think of the little things, romantic colored textured linen with vintage lace overlay, antique candelabras at the head table, your grandmothers silver service as a centerpiece etc.  Remember: green doesn't have to look outdoorsy, quaint or DIY, it can look expensive!

Friday, 27 April 2012

hi there internet, lets be friends

Hi! Hello! Heya! Welcome to Green Geek Weddings, my very first blogging experience! I have been feeling a little left behind on the blog scene, so decided to get myself in gear and throw together one of these suckers! I do follow a few green wedding blogs and sites myself, but I wanted to put together a collection of my own thoughts/inspirations/critiques/tidbits, and make my presence known in the blogosphere. I am hoping that Green Geek Weddings will become a place to find and share all the rad things out there in the universe that have to do with being green + being slightly wedding obsessed. So check back for posts about such things as: exactly what the hell is a "green wedding" anyway?, what are this seasons hottest new earth friendly trends?, sustainable wedding fashion on a budget etc. 
Thanks for reading and please come on back! 
ps . if you do come back, that's good karma...just sayin