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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Nerd Love

In honor of tomorrows premier of The Dark Knight Rises, I have decided to totally geek out on everyone and write a post dedicated to my fellow nerds out there in the universe. As Dr. Seuss says, "“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”
So, here are some ideas about how to share your nerd love with your friends and family on the big day (and heads up, lots of these ideas use recycled, reclaimed or otherwise earth-friendly ingredients).

These boutonnieres can save the world
Here's one for the dudes, so they can wear their nerd love on their sleeves (well, technically their lapels). The first ones are obviously made from action figures (which if you are any kinda nerd, you will have plenty of ), and the second one is actually a flower made out of comic book paper. Rad!

 These shoes are made for totally Geeking out!
Brides make a statement by showing off some awesome shoes under your gown! Or make your bridesmaids match your nerdiness with shoes like these:

You're invited to dance awkwardly and share trivia/movie quotes with us!
There are all kinds of awesome ways to invite guests to your nerd themed bash. Here are just two options: a personalized comic 'save the date' and an old school Mario game themed invite.

 CCCAAAKKKEEE! om nom nom
Love of dessert is something that can unite all nerd subgroups, whether they are into Dr. Who or Y the Last Man. So here are some awesome ideas to get you started: 

My gift to you is epic AWESOMENESS
Trying to narrow down which amazing favors to add to this little list was difficult. There are so many talented nerds out there making far too many cool things that would make for great wedding favors, for instance:
Harry Potter themed candy...chocolate frog anyone?
 I remember loving viewfinders when I was 5 and I still love them now. I cannot be the only one
 These adorable little guys are actually plush mini microbes. Yes, you can say someone got gonorrhea at your wedding and totally not feel weird about it
 Tiny little Pac-Man candy...too cute. Now to find a tiny little person to play this machine....
 Felted and/or knitted things are great...make them in miniature and they're even better

I would totally write more on this topic, but I have to go work on my Penguin costume for the Dark Knight Rises premier tomorrow at midnight! Woo
So Part 2 to be continued

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Time for Brunch!

 Most people think of a  wedding as an afternoon to late night kind of affair. Let's think outside the box a little here people. You do not need to go for the traditional dinnertime reception with  a dance afterwards, what about brunch? People love brunch. It is the equivalent of second breakfast,except it is totally acceptable to have an alcoholic drink with it. And it sounds pretty darn fancy too. Plus the food choices are endless. 
 Here are a few reasons why a brunch wedding could be a good choice for you:
1. They tend to be cheaper- because you are not spending as much money on a full dinner, you can save money on food, also brunch food tends to be less expensive anyway. You will save money on alcohol because people won't be drinking as much at that time of day, and if you choose not to have a dance (which many brunch weddings do without), you save on DJ fees etc.
2. A small, less formal ceremony- brunch ceremonies are relatively smaller, more casual affairs in general. So if you are looking to have a more easygoing kind of day, brunch may be for you.
 3. Less time to stress- if you have an early start, then you don't have time to psych yourself out during your run-up to the alter. If you are getting hitched at 10am, then you won't have as much time to freak out about hair,makeup,schedule etc and maybe you will just forget about cold feet.
 4. No long wait times for guests- the entire wedding day can be filled with multiple gaps and wait times for your guests, what with photo sessions, lag times in between ceremony, dinner and reception and long parties. So why not keep it simple, have the ceremony, a brunch afterwards, and save your wedding party photo shoot for after the festivities.